At Ignacio Pérez Notary's office you can draw up and certify all types of documents including deeds of sale, wills and testaments and special deeds.


If you need to enter into a contract, or have some personal, family or company business to conclude, it is advisable to use the notary's services, particularly in the early stages of negotiation.

The Notary Public provides a wide range of services:

Icono testamento


Wills and testaments, donations, sales and purchases, personal or mortgage loans, deeds and powers of attorney.

Icono a nivel empresarial


Incorporation and dissolution of companies, sale of shares, appointment and dismissal of managers and company financing.

Citizens are entitled to choose their notary public. Notaries charge the same fees for their services. The quality and professionalism of their services are what marks them out from others. Notaries undertake all the formalities and procedures you need through e-mail, in particular payment of taxes and recording of your public deeds and instruments in the appropriate Public Registers.