The Ignacio Pérez Notary's Office will provide information on the requisite documentation in the event of inheritance, wills, powers of attorney, etc.


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Attested affidavits, declaration of heirs intestate

  • National ID document for the deed (descendant, ascendant or spouse of the deceased).
  • Death certificate.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Literal birth certificates.
  • Family document (libro de familia) of the principal.
  • National ID document of the municipal registration of the deceased.
  • Two witnesses familiar with the deceased's family situation.
  • Time frame: 6 months following death.
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Distribution of inheritance

  • Death certificate.
  • Certificate of last will and testament.
  • Certificate of insurance registration.
  • Authorised copy of will and testament.
  • IBI receipts.
  • Certificates and bank statements of securities, current accounts, etc..
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Property sale and purchase

  • National and tax ID of the purchaser and the vendor.
  • Property deed.
  • Certificate of community costs.
  • Latest IBI receipt.
  • Certificate of energy efficiency.
  • Payment receipts.
  • Payment receipt for municipal capital gains tax in "non resident" sales.
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Sale of shares or holdings in commercial companies

  • Vendor's property deed of title (public instrument).
  • National and tax IDs of purchasers and vendors.
  • Articles of incorporation of the company issuing the shares or holdings.
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Incorporation of companies

  • National ID documents of the constituent partners.
  • Certification of current corporate name.
  • Bank certificate attesting to payment of current share capital.
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  • Death Certificate and certificate of last will and testament.
  • Authorised copy of will and testament.
  • Details of heirs
  • Assets of principal or deceased.
  • Time frame: 6 months from the date of death of the principal.
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  • Cash: The origin of the money should be indicated through bank certification.
  • Property: the effect on the donor of income tax and the amount of the municipal capital gains tax shall be taken into account.
  • Donations to spouses, descendants and ascendants enjoy different tax bonuses depending on the autonomous region in question.
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Powers of attorney

  • National ID number of the mandating party and the agents appointed.
  • List of lawyers and court procedural representatives (powers of attorney for law suits)
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Issue of duplicate copies

  • Records of Benidorm Notaries (up to 25 years):
  • Don José Monfort Romero.
  • José Escámez.                      }  Pablo Madrid Navarro (since 1994).
  • Carlos Goicoechea Rico.